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Ididentification EU

A new company concept. Upgrading your business
The greatest oportunity to enhance yourself on the network marketing.
An amazing way to be useful to humanity.
Become a partner/business associate.
An ID — Identificator of oportuinities and reveal your true potential.

Ididentification Office in Portugal

Miguel Gomes: Conta Dubai do Сlube
BANK ACCOUNT for the PSC Investments in Dubai
Bank Receiver: Emirates Islamic Bank
Bank address: Sheik Zayed Road Branch
Account number: 3707365195801
Account name: PSC Investments LLC
IBAN: AE670340003707365195801
Licensa 1805408.01
Sharjah Media City,UAE
⭐🚀Investments up to 21% per month with IDI
Hello! If you read this article, then most likely you are in search of additional income or an “investment project” to increase your money. Today on the Internet there are many options for making money by investing money in various companies and projects, or making money on building an affiliate network.
In this article, I will tell you about the new MLM company in the world market briefly under the name “IDI”. I will try to spread information about earnings opportunities in detail, and you, in turn, can decide whether you need it or in your life, and so everything is fine!) I hope that you have all the rules!

In my opinion, the company has every chance to become a giant in the MLM market in 2019–20.

We present to you, the first social asset based cryptocurrencies, real economies
supporting digital coins, safe and with social responsibility.

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